How To Create Re-Usable Templates For Your WordPress Blog Posts

 - How To Create Re-Usable Templates For Your WordPress Blog Posts
How To Create Re-Usable Templates For Your WordPress Blog Posts
How To Create Re-Usable Templates For Your WordPress Blog Posts
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Copy and paste this code once you are in the Theme Header file. 2. They can then click the CTA (probably a big button that says Become a Member or something similar) in the header area or down lower on the squeeze page. This is also a great place to add in a call to action, leading anyone who does not have access to your Become a Member page.

This is a great feature to use for data, digital goods, or more in which you would like to only give access to certain users, and it comes default in Divi and Extra. When you get down to it, the reason that Members is such a great plugin is that you have a very simple method of restricting your WordPress content. Now the Members plugin is one way to do it. One of your best options to restrict content is a plugin called Members. Some of the options for filtering photos include choosing to display content from certain users, items tagged with specific hashtags, and photos you’ve liked.

You will be redirected back to the settings page for the plugin where you can customize the short code to display your feed. So back in the days, this is how one used to add favicon to their WordPress website. That concludes our tutorial for 4 ways to add a favicon to your WordPress site. But when a user who is not logged in visits, all they get is the protected version, how to speed up wordpress site which displays a prompt for them to log into the site to see whatever is being protected by the shortcode.

  • Use short paragraphs (My English teacher would kill me)
  • Social share buttons
  • Who we are
  • Widget Snippets
  • Change WordPress Admin Password via WP CLI

Click on your website RSS feed to see your blog posts on a webpage. Do keep in mind that when you use this method, that (depending on your theme, of course) people can still see the meta information, title, and featured image of your post. Resource Box Options – You can use the default resource box configured on your account or customize one.

Otherwise, the message in the plugin options is displayed. Just leave a message in the comments below and I’ll help you out! Additionally, if you need to customize the message they receive on a page-by-page basis, you can do so in the Error Message tab. You may host confidential data that may need to be password protected, various documents that you don’t want indexed by search engines, and/or service upgrades and premium content that you sell to make your living.

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